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*Tax due at sale. Requires well-qualifying credit, installment Agreement & eligible service. If service canceled, device balance due. Activ./ upgrade & other fees, charges & restrictions apply. See AT&T Next details.

**Savings compares plan smartphone access charge with smartphone on AT&T Next to one on a 2-year agmt. See savings requirements.

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$0 down with AT&T Next

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Samsung Galaxy S7

From $0 down and starting at $23.17/mo.* with AT&T NextSM

*Req's well-qual. credit, 0% APR 30-mo. AT&T Next installment agmt & elig. svc. (24 & 20-mo. options avail.) Tax due at sale. If service is canceled, balance is due. See AT&T Next req's below.

See the S7
Samsung Galaxy S7

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